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From start to finish

It all starts with an idea, which can be something in your head or even on a napkin. From there we’ll go to a sketch or quick mockup. This will turn into a wireframe/ prototype (with a lot of magic and coffee) and eventually into a visual design. DesignRecipe can help you with all the (design) steps leading to the final product.

Hi there, my name is Thijs ter Haar, and I work as an UX Designer at Wunderman Brussels. In my free time, I work at DesignRecipe (as a Freelancer). For over 7 years I have worked closely together with other professionals like (all sorts of) managers, visual designers and programmers on various projects. I have one golden rule: “The customer is always number one“.

Oh and if your mind is boggling because of all the ‘design slang‘ these days, I’ll help you understand. No more UX, UI, CMS, but understandable language.

My work

My portfolio, my work, my passion. Here you will find a selection of my work over the last few years; UI, UX, logos and print. In my work I always try to find a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics.


Logo, cards & banner design

sales training nederland

Web design & icons

de keuken op z’n kop

Illustrations & editing/ formatting

aej belgium

Web design

Logo, cards & web design

care projects tanzania

Logo design


Web design, photography & visuals


Editing/ formatting & visual design


Web design & icons

continental link

Logo & cards

nuon exclusief

Concept, UX & UI


Web/ app design (UX/UI), logo & cards

About me


I love my job and mostly work from home, but if you want me on location: I’m there!


You have a deadline? No worries, I will get it done in time. Some extra coffee and we’re good to go!


Next to visual design, I’m also hired as an interaction designer and I love photography and composing music.

A happy worker

A happy worker, is a good worker. You won’t find me in a bad mood, not even in the morning..


Web design (UI)

Complete visual design, or (help with) a WordPress website.


Cartoons, characters or graphics. Different styles to explain your message.


Interaction design (UX)

A wireframe for your project? I’ll help you figure out the details!


Business cards/ paper, flyers, posters, brochures or even a book.


A strong brand is important. Something new or maybe a redesign?


More hobby than profession, but I can help you with the right picture.


Need a (promotional) video or movie trailer? I can shoot & edit for you. Here’s an example

What clients say

Thijs legt verrassende associaties die zijn designs creatief en verfrissend maken. Bijzonder opvallend is de behendigheid waarmee hij de programma’s bedient!

Een design is dan ook in een fractie van tijd aan nieuwe wensen aangepast. Dát, maar niet op de laatste plaats zijn altijd positieve en flexibele houding maken het een groot plezier om met hem te werken.

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Femke de Leeuw van Weenen

Technisch Projectmanager, Doornvogel

There are three qualities that stand out about Thijs:
– his truly diverse skill-set,
– his understanding of what works (and doesn’t work) on the web,
– his impressive efficiency getting things done.

His skill-set: In the year and a half that I have worked with him, he has shown expert knowledge of Illustrator…

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Alex Papakyriacou

Senior Digital Executive, Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority

Get in touch

If you need more information about me, my work or just grab a coffee, feel free to contact me. I will always get back to you.

Telephone: +32 (0)488 51 32 36

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You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr and Soundcloud. I’m always interested in new opportunities!

DesignRecipe is the personal portfolio from UI/UX designer Thijs ter Haar